• high performed digital print
  • 650 motives
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  • Consulting: info@garagecover.de
  • high performed digital print
  • 650 motives
  • save purchase
  • order processing
  • Consulting: info@garagecover.de


By wiping with a soft cloth and neutral detergent incl. Handwarm water, you get the dirt away best.

Please do not use:

  • high pressure cleaner
  • aggressive cleaning agents
  • oven cloth
  • pot scourers
  • puller
  • and other coarse and aggressive material

Unless you want to irrevocably redesign the surface of your garage coupon.

Especially in the lower part, splashes of mud, which are grainy and sandy, accumulate over time. I recommend using a watering can to rinse off water before scratching the surface with a soft cloth.

These care instructions apply to all our products.

For the damage caused by improper treatment, we assume no liability.

PVC braid tarpaulin

Our price-conscious variant!

The stable fiber-reinforced tarpaulins of PVC fabric with a weight of 400g/m² are perfect for your garage door.

B1 certified according to DIN 4102

Features & Benefits:

  • UV-resistant
  • robust
  • tearproof
  • weatherproof

The tarpaulins are also known as truck tarpaulins.

PVC foam board

The cheap and solid model with UV varnish!

We also offer your garagecover as stable rigid foam panels made of PVC, in 5mm (standard) or 3mm thickness. These are particularly suitable for outdoor use and are lighter than our aluminum composite panels and more stable than PVC tarpaulins.

At 5mm thickness (standard) they weigh approx. 3kg / m², and at 3mm thickness approx. 2kg / m². (Explanation of the relationship: The density of the material may vary)

Polyvinyl chloride / rigid PVC foam is used in composite fiber technology as a sandwich material.Areas of application include sports boats, rotor blades for wind turbines and wagon construction.Foamed PVC in sheet form (Coplast, Forex®, Vikupor, Simopor®, Kömatex®, Vekaplan) is used as a carrier material for advertising media, such as plotted lettering, images and graphics, mainly because of its low weight and ease of processing. (Source: Wikipedia)

Aluminum-PE Sandwich panel Dibond®

The durable and stable version with UV varnish!

The sandwich technology, which combines two thin cover plates made of aluminum with a polyethylene core, proves to be absolutely dimensionally stable, weather and temperature resistant.

(Link to Wikipedia-Dibond®)

The aluminum composite panel is printed on one side and has a protective foil on the other side.

Rodent and insect feeding are finally a thing of the past with aluminum composite panels. The material is classified as flame retardant, so that during storage, as in the installed state, usually no special conditions must be observed.

The surface with its brilliant photo print is also completely unimpressed by sun and rain, snow and cold.
The low weight allows easy mounting to any garage door. The versions in the thickness of 2mm weigh even with a large-format garage image of about 4m ² only about 20 kg (Without LED / OLED and / or relief structures)

The size of the aluminum composite panels varies from 297 x 200 mm to 1,250 x 3,050 mm. The formats required for garage doors are combined as a 2-divider and the motif is printed in large format.
The prints look exceptionally brilliant. This results from the very high digital resolution when printing the images.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------

Features & Benefits:

for indoor and outdoor use
high quality alloy ALMg1
high bending strength
low weight
easy to drill and saw
absolute flatness of the area
laminated on one side with protective foil
Building material class B2 (according to DIN 4102-1)

Color: white on one side ~ RAL9016 matt with protective foil, other side with motif or color

Weight: approx. 4.3 kg per m²

Thickness: 3mm

Thickness of aluminum coating: 0,21mm

Core: polyethylene, black UV blocker

Paint: polyester paint system

Shine: 30%

Temperature resistant: -50 ° C to + 80 ° C